The book was launched in Adelaide on 23/11/19 by the remarkable Rosanna Maeder (read her words here: launch)

And here is my acknowledgement of country – I’ve been trying to work out a more comprehensive version. (Country)

We pay our respects to Kaurna elders – past present and future. This Kaurna country we meet on, like all of Australia, was stolen, was never ceded to us whitefellas.

On this colonised land we developed a society that has been divisive and violent in many ways – to the Indigenous custodians, to other people of colour, to anyone ‘different’, to the land itself.

We are now in a time of crisis, a climate emergency. We have to face what we’ve done and stop doing it, find a better way. Part of that must be, at long last, to acknowledge white power and privilege, and to get on with the job of dismantling them.

This is our commitment to the Kaurna elders, to all Indigenous Australians, to all people of colour (the global majority), to the Earth, and to ourselves.

We CAN do it!