Big Rough Stones cover

‘You thought feminism would stop violence against women,’ said Julia. ‘And that would stop war. And stop people trashing the Earth. You tried.’

‘Not alone,’ said Ro modestly. ‘I had help.’

This is a story of community, friendship and sisterhood in a changing world.


‘The activisms of the book’s different eras jolt the memory and the main characters have a reality that transcends the printed page.’ Katherine England The Advertiser

‘You will fall in love with Ro and the mosaic of women who encircle her in a merry-go-round of relationships.’ Lezley Herbert Out in Perth

‘An awe-inspiring testament to the feminist movement in Australia.’ Kayla Gaskell Tulpa Magazine

‘The novel is a loving but realistic recollection of earlier decades and any reader who lived through the alternative lifestyles of the 1970’s and 80’s will feel shocks of familiarity.’ Kerryn Goldsworthy Spectrum

‘Like Tales of the City it offers a realistic, but warm-hearted, portrayal of a time and place, with all the attendant personal and political messiness. An engaging read.’ Sue Terry Whispering Gums


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Big Rough Stones

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