Big Rough Stones cover

They surged across King William Street, around and up onto the bronze Boer War horseman at the corner of North Terrace. Ro linked arms with the woman next to her. ‘Take the toys from the boys’, they sang. The hero almost disappeared under a festoon of women, but he clung valiantly to his rifle, bronze upper lip stiff. It was his horse who looked most horrified.

Meet Ro at 30 something. She is committed to cures for every ill from monogamy to orange armpit fungus. Her ambitions are passionate, her energy boundless, her intentions generally good …

Thirty years later are the edges any smoother?

‘You thought feminism would stop violence against women,’ said Julia. ‘And that would stop war. And stop people trashing the Earth. You tried.’

‘Not alone,’ said Ro modestly. ‘I had help.’

This is a story of community, friendship and sisterhood in a changing world.



– Chia Moan launching the book in Adelaide: Big Rough Stones Launch

– With Emily Sutherland,: 5MBS – April 2018   

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Big Rough Stones